Daily Archives: March 8, 2013

Welcome to our world!

Our holistic healthcare and education centre is focused on helping you to achieve your aim – you may be looking to train in a therapy, develop spiritually, enjoy some therapies as a client, or just come and enjoy our lovely country retreat  – buy some plants, have a chat…..its all good – and we are here to help.

This blog is about all of that   – in all its marvellous eclectic glory – its also full of research and resources for those of us interested in the more esoteric, spiritual aspects of life

The centre is owned and run by Lorraine Davis  M.A. Fellow and Hon. Past President of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. She is  a  practitioner and teacher of complementary therapy  and  energy healing and a  lifetime academic. Her current area of research for PhD is paranthropology – energy healing practice  – its a really exciting topic and hopes to shed more light on our understanding of our spiritual essence

– we hope that you will find it useful and interesting here – and make this into a wonderfully interactive place to be! We look forward to sharing our thoughts and knowledge with you -and we hope that you will share with us – your knowledge and experience ….for that is what life is about …. knowledge and experience.