Shiny New Exciting CPD Course!!!

We are excited to be bringing our new CPD course to you all! 

Traditional Ayurvedic Techniques in Indian Head Massage 

A one day advanced massage workshop – to take your practice to the next level.

This is a brilliant workshop for all indian head massage therapists  – you can learn wonderful new techniques, brush up on existing skills, develop a beautiful ritual technique to make your treatment the most divine experience for the client.

Although there are some  wonderful courses out there, teaching traditionally,  many courses now teach a very westernised form of indian head massage. Courses have become very short,and programmes  don’t  embrace the true roots of Ayurvedic philosophy. The teachings are often diluted and something is lost in translation.

This course offers the traditional teachings of Ayurvedic Indian Head Massage – the roots of Ayurvedic philosophy, the principles of marma therapy – indian energy work, traditional and unusual oils and attars , anointing with warm oil, and advanced techniques in seated and couch treatment.

Its all wrapped up in one fabulous day – the cost is 150.00 and a CPD certificate of attendance is awarded .

Look at the website for dates of scheduled courses – or you can come to us anytime for one to one teaching.

If you get a group [min 6] together we are more than happy to come to you at your clinic, spa or college and if there are 10 of you – the organiser gets their course free!!!!

there are discounts available – see the website for details

Look forward to seeing you there !!


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